It’s quite rare to make such a design on the back of a high imitation watch

Hello everyone, this is the first time I have done a high-resolution table analysis on my blog. Although I have done relevant analysis in the forum before, I decided to change the way. I will fully understand this analysis first. Explain the original knowledge, and then interpret the high imitation table. Whether replica Rolex you want to know the copy of the best Tudor Pelagos series 25500TN, or want to know the authentic Tudor Pelagos series 25500TN, this article is very worthy of your reading.

This watch is the only replica watch of the new PELAGOS series from Tudor. Before that, it was also launched in 1970. The similar design, model Ref.9411-0, objectively said this The 25500TN is a thorough upgrade of Ref.9411-0 by high-tech means. After the upgrade, Tudor PELAGOS became the watch of the Tudor brand with the theme of ocean exploration.

The table has a very special design that imitation watches uses a beveled design similar to the Portuguese timekeeping of the World, rather than the flat shape of fake Rolex, while at the same angle, a triangle and eleven squares are opened. The gap is used to fit the luminous scale, so that the surface of the letter does not have solder joints, so that the back surface that is not visible on the surface is more beautiful. This is also the essence of the original design, whether in the original or high imitation table, on the back side. The design is quite rare.

The watch also had a pretty good idea on the outer ring. Super Lume's genuine luminous light was also applied to the outer ring of the bezel, and in order to prevent damage to the luminous paint, a layer was applied to the outer ring. Protective coating. In the earlier introduction, I mentioned that the original version of this watch is an upgraded re-enactment of Ref.9411-0 using modern industrial means. Of course, it is necessary to use new materials. The case of this watch is used. Titanium material. Has better corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

The Lu Lu color of the Super Lume material, I believe that friends who know the production of high imitation watches know that pointers and literals cannot be completed in the same factory. It is done by two factories, which is why most high imitation watches are prone to pointers. And the literal night light has a color difference.

In order to solve this problem, only the mold-makers can provide their own luminous materials. The luminous of the genuine Swiss-made SuperLume, even the cheapest, the shortest price is almost equivalent to the same weight of gold, 40,000 US dollars. In the case of kilograms, the minimum purchase amount is 5 kg. This is why few mold-makers are willing to provide their own production of luminous materials, because SuperLume luminous light is the same as the original ETA movement of Switzerland, with high value, slow release and large capital. It is easy high quality replica watches uk to waste material, and even directly crushed to death. Therefore, no matter what kind of high imitation table, as long as SuperLume luminous is used, it is inevitably expensive, of course, with this material more and more. The molder will also do some version of the watch with a cheap movement to distribute the cost of the sale.