Dial design is highly consistent with the characteristics of the diving replica watches

The head of this replica watch has the same design as the original one in order to match the 1:1 of the case. It has thread marks on the inside of the head to achieve the waterproof effect on the inside and 100% waterproof.

The engraving font on the back cover, and the lettering on the inside of the back cover, as well as the card slot's completely 1:1 nature is not necessary to say. It is worth mentioning that the inner ring of the solid ring, there is very little high imitation table on the inside of the watch's solid machine ring grain Polish, and this table in order to 1:1 replica watches achieve a perfect 1:1 effect, also do on the solid machine ring Very beautiful straight grain Polish, but also made a 1:1 size ear.

I think this is the most important point to explain. In the long run, the most reasonable way for me to expand the buckle, has been determined by Rolex and Omega in the form of patents. Tudor seems to let me know about the expansion buckle in another way. In terms of function, Tudor combines the GS function of Rolex with the essence of Omega's expansion system, and completely changes the appearance, using ceramic bearings to form a brand new Expand the way and extend the longer strap. This has to be said that it is a revolution under the current mechanical watch patent fortress. If this watch is Made in China, or a domestic independent brand, I think no matter how small a brand, I will not hesitate. Support their products. Because of this kind of innovation, only the people who really care about it can think of it.

This batch of movements will now be used on this watch, as well as other high imitation Tudor watches that need to be equipped with the 2824 movement. The Zhengzhou watch industry will not increase the price because of the use of a better movement. A welfare of the table friends, because this movement is unavoidable. After the movement is sold, we will re-use the original ETA2824-2 movement that we Excellent replicas watches purchased ourselves. If you happen to like this watch, then this batch of Tudor is definitely your best choice.