Tudor's original movement high imitation replica watches

The original dynasty movement of Tudor is also a triangular shock absorber. Of course, ETA also has a silver version of the movement, but the ETA silver version of the movement uses the Incabloc shock absorber by default, and rarely has a triangular shock absorber.

Here I believe that many people have a misunderstanding that the Incabloc suspension is better than the triangular suspension. This is actually unscientific. The way of the shock absorber is determined according to the design of the watch. For the automatic movement fake watches, the triangle Shock absorbers do perform better than Incabloc.

For example, it is as if we all know that gold is a good thing, but if you use gold to make a kitchen knife, it will be a bit uncomfortable.

Of course, which one is the subject of internal research in the replica watch industry. What we solve is how to make the buyer wear more peace of mind.

Through the comparison between the above picture and the weight, I believe that everyone can understand that the original ETA 2824-2 movement of the Tudor original has not changed too much, but the silver ETA2824-2 default shock absorber has fake watches been modified to make it more suitable for sports. Type replica watches, if you use the golden version of the default triangle suspension, there is no difference in performance except for the appearance.